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SculpWood Moldable Epoxy Putty

SculpWood® Moldable Epoxy Putty

Product Overview

SculpWood Putty is a two-component, solvent-free, kneadable epoxy. It is moldable, carvable, lightweight, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It has excellent adhesion to wood, stone, metal, and most plastics with the exception of plastics in the polyethylene family. It is easily sanded and will accept paint, screws and nails.

Use to replace rotted or chipped away wood; cracks and other defects in window and door sills, frames, railings, furniture, etc.

  • Will not shrink or become brittle after curing.
  • Features a convenient 1:1 mixing ratio.
  • Resin and hardener are easily mixed by hand.


SculpWood Moldable Epoxy Putty is available in 8 oz, 2 Pint, 2 Quart and 2 Gallon units.

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage of this product in higher temperatures, or for longer than 3 years, can lead to ingredient separation. If stored in conditions above 100 F. (38 deg. C.), or for longer periods, please check for separation of the resin from the additives.

If separation occurs, simply remix ingredients, and use as normal. Separation does not harm the quality of the product.

Appilcation Guide


Ensure surfaces to be repaired are clean, free, of dust, grease, or dirt. If necessary, sand surface with 80–120 grit paper.

In most cases, applying S-1 Epoxy Sealer as a primer is recommended. Let the S-1 Sealer cure before applying the SculpWood Putty.

Measure and mix only enough SculpWood that can be applied in the indicated working time.

NOTES: For best results, apply at 50°F (5°C) or above.

Tips and Techniques

SculpWood Putty is most easily mixed by hand, using disposable gloves. Equal amounts by volume are put on the board surface, and then folded and kneaded until a consistent color is obtained. There is a ±10% mix-error margin so volume amounts can usually be judged by eye. If the Sculpwood Putty is going to be color-toned with our Epoxy Coloring Agent, the toning colorant can be added in small amounts after the Sculpwood Putty is mixed. If you wish to mix by weight the ratio is one part A to one part B.

Technical Data / Properties

Viscosity @ 77°F (25°C) cps N/A (Part A) N/A (Part B) / N/A (Mixed)
Density (lb. per gallon) 4.5 (Part A) 4.5 (Part B)
Color Tan (Part A) White (Part B) / Beige (Mixed)
Mix Ratio by Volume 1 (resin) : 1 (hardener)
Mix Ratio by Weight 1 (resin) : 1 (hardener)
Working Time @ 77°F (25°C) 60 Minutes (3.5oz / 100g mixture)
Time to Sand 4 Hours (By hand or block) / 7 Hours (Machine sand)
Minimum Application Temperature 50°F (5°C)


Sculpwood Epoxy Paste is a hazardous product. Check the shipping options page for details on shipping hazardous items. For additional information refer to the Sculpwood Epoxy Paste Safety Data Sheet.

PDF Documents

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Safety Data Sheets: Part A and Part B (both parts are needed, they are separate sheets)

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