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Welcome to the entry page of THE ROT DOCTOR™.

We specialize in wood rot repair. Choose your area of interest below for a solution to your rot and wood preservation problems. Or go directly to our product line overview and ordering sections. Have questions? Contact us by e-mail or phone and we will gladly answer questions about our products or how to apply them.

For over twenty years, we have helped customers fix or prevent their wood rot issues. While we sell a variety of products, wood rot repair has been done, primarily, with three products: CPES, Fill-It, and Layup and Laminating Epoxy Resin. For decades, these products have proved excellent in this role. However, supply issues have necessitated that we find other products for our customers to use for their rot repair needs. We are happy to offer products that, used correctly, will perform exceptionally well in the rot repair market. We stand ready to help customers with their repair needs, using these new products. We have the products, and equally important, the experience to help you make a strong, permanent repair. Please contact us for more information.

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Use this link to choose from several options including our SECURE self-calculating online form or a printable form.

CPES 5 Year Test Results
These five-year test results demonstrate the ability of CPES™ to protect plywood! Check out CPES-Treated vs. Untreated.

PLUS! Five-year testPolyurethane Test results of our polyurethane coatings! See CPES and Polyurethanes on Plywood.

Product TestingProduct

Ours vs.

We test CPES™ against other epoxy-based products advertised to repair wood rot. The results surprised even us!

Pour Spouts
We provide two free disposable pour spouts with each 2 gallon unit of CPES and L&L Resin--one for Part A and one for Part B. Simply fold and attach to the can rim, leave on and dispose with empty containers.

Q&ADr. Rot's
Q & A

A wealth of information about rot . . . in homes, boats and all sorts of things. Questions and answers are categorized for browsing.

Security & Privacy
Our policy regarding your personal information.
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Product Information / Order Form
This section is our online order form as well as giving you an overview of all our epoxy and polyurethane products and accessories with a brief description (when to use what), their sizes available, current prices and other pertinent information.

Using Our Epoxies
Our epoxies are highly specialized and represent an integrated system specifically formulated for the restoration and repair of wood. The basic resins from which our epoxy products are formulated are derived from wood pulp because this kind of resin approximates the toughness and flexibility of the original wood.

Rhino Top

Using Our Polyurethanes
The addition of Polyurethane Coatings, Sealants and Adhesives to our product line has been a great success. This overview includes valuable information regarding application, tips and techniques from The Doc, and links to data specifications.

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Wooden Boats

Wooden Boats
We have totally revamped our Wooden Boat section! We now provide more specific information on rot repairs and rot prevention, as well as detailed techniques.

Rotten Boat
A mix of informative articles from readers about their boat projects and our own experiences in maintaining Delta.


Fiberglass Boats

Fiberglass Boats
There's wood under that glass shell... and we all know what that means. After so many inquiries from glass boat owners, we decided to dedicate a whole section to these special rot repairs.

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Wood rot treatment, prevention, and application techniques for old houses, new houses, attic to basement, indoor and outdoor. Diagrams and photos accompany sound advice on some common problem areas.
Check out our section on Beam and Joist Rot
Wood House

Log House

Log Homes

Log Homes
Log homes have their own peculiar set of rot problems... usually serious because of log structural importance and because logs are not easily replaced. In this section, you'll find step-by-step, illustrated instructions for restoration of rotten logs, plus an invaluable section on rot prevention.

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Customer Comments/Projects

The Doc has compiled some interesting and informative letters and emails from customers using our products. Plus, you’ll find links to customer projects we have included in various sections of the website. Click here to go to Customer Comments or Customer Projects.
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