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Rotten‘Zine a division of The Rot Doctor, Inc. All rights reserved.

Welcome to The Rot Doctor’s Rotten‘Zine!

Our ‘Zine is articles on all types of tid-bits about restoring rotten wood, information on wood in general and anything we think might be interesting to share.

We hope to post new articles often and keep our “What’s New?” section up to date as well, so check back here often to see what is going on at The Rot Doctor, Inc.

We always encourage our customers to share their own stories and tid-bits as well. Feel free to share your stories with us via email: or sharing a link to your story on your own blog/site.

What’s New?

We are listing the 5 newest things that have happened on our website recently. Follow the links to read more about what’s new.

  • The Rotten‘Zine! We have re-named it (formally RottenBoat ‘Zine) and plan to re-organize some articles that are scattered throughout our website to be included here, which will hopefully make them easier to find.
  • Customer Projects: We’ve had several new projects come in Door Repairs and Ray’s Sailboat Saga, the biggest is the restoration of a Wooden Bear Carving that we took on. Also if you haven’t seen it yet there is a great house deck restoration, well documented in the Half Round Deck project.

    We’ve also moved a few RottenBoat ‘Zine articles from the ‘Zine to the customer projects section. They are great projects with pictures and descriptions of what was done, as well as histories about these great wooden boats. Fixing Puff: Structural Repairs Using Epoxies

    Sanzone: A Brief History and Refit Story

    Dud’s Plug

  • We’ve had several questions come across that we thought were worth sharing in all 4 categories of our Q&A sections:
  • Customer Comments: have also had some additions and we’ve recently linked our Better Business Bureau page to allow our customers to leave comments there as well, we’ve been with the BBB for almost our entire existence but haven’t yet gotten any comments there, will you be the first? Would you rather leave us a review on Google? We have also have a Google business profile. How ever you would like to send us your feedback, we look forward to hearing from you.
  • We’ve recently found a Disposable Syringe that will with work with most of our epoxy products. We call it Disposable because they are fairly cheap and we figure you can get enough use out of one or two to do your current project. The gasket may get hard without a thorough cleaning of it, or if using it with the penetrating epoxy the solvents can attack the gasket making it un-usable the next time you go to use it.