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Dr. Rot’s Favorite Links

Wick Right™

“Fighting the good fight against wood rot in Chicago’s older buildings!”

John’s Nautical Links List

*The Mother of All Nautical Links*


An online source for fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar. Some good technical info as well.

Mariner’s Guide

A huge DB of links, with a search engine to easily find what you are looking for.


Serving Enthusiasts of the Open Road

Good Old Boat Magazine

The name says it all.

National Fisherman

For news on the commercial world of boating.

Kettenburg Boat Works

Bear Boat Owners Association

Mariner’s Museum

An interesting site, and I hear that they have a great deal of info on old Chris Craft hulls dating back to the thirties.

Nexus Marine

“Pretty, seaworthy boats built from wood and epoxy.”

Marine Plywood by Homestead

“Marine grade plywood, Teak, Teak and Holly, Mahogany Sapele, Okoume, and Meranti.”