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Subject: “Antique” Scythe Handles

Date: Sunday, July 3, 2022


I bought 2 old scythe at an “antique” barn. The blades are in good shape. I haven’t been able to find new ones for sale. The handles are not damaged or rotted, but they are quite old.

I think they are serviceable as is, but probably prone to fracture. I think a penetrating epoxy would make them very strong.

I see your test data looks very good.

I assume I could brush this product on and let it soak in.

How deep would it penetrate? This wood is very dry.

How much would I need?

How do a place an order?

Terry R.


The S-1 Sealer would definitely soak in. And the more that soaked in, the stronger the wood would become. How much depends on how “thirsty” the wood was. but it wouldn’t surprise me if you got a quart of mixed product to go into each handle. The amount of penetration depends on the porosity of the wood. Which varies, even on new wood. On end grain, the penetration on new wood can be 12″ or more. On the rest of the surface 1/8″ is more common. On rotted wood 1-2″ is common. Non end grain weathered wood is usually somewhere between these two.

A couple of things to keep in mind. One, that the S-1 could darken the wood. On fresh cut or sanded wood, it will not. But on weathered, sun bleached wood it can. Sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface will approximate the look. Two, while a lot of S-1 will absorb in, if you keep applying to saturation, there can be some epoxy that is left on the surface once saturation is achieved. While uncured, it is easy to wipe this off with a dry rag, or possibly a rag with a little lacquer thinner.

If you meant to paint the handles, then the darkening and epoxy on the surface wouldn’t be a problem. Just follow the S-1, after giving it 2-3 days to cure, with a quality paint. Preferably an oil based one.

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