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The Rot Doctor  Product Line and Price List
This is a listing of our wood restoration/preservation products which include our epoxies, accessories, as well as our line of polyurethane sealants and coatings, the sizes available, current pricing and other pertinent information. More detailed information about how these products are used, pictures, diagrams and a lot of other useful information can be obtained by clicking on the product name, picture or More Information link. Product MSDS sheets can be read and/or downloaded in the Product MSDS section.

You can order by going to the Ordering & Support section.

Questions people have raised, and our answers, are in the Questions & Answers section. Always feel free to e-mail us at drrot@rotdoctor.com or phone us anytime between 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific time at 206.364.2155. Tech support is available over weekends.



Free Pour Spouts

CPES™(Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer)
Primary in the treatment process for the restoration of rotted or deteriorated wood. There is no other product on the market that even comes close to the ability of CPES to penetrate and saturate wood with a premium epoxy resin. Also used as a primer coating for paints, varnishes and polyurethanes, and as a wood stabilizer to help prevent chipping and splitting during carving or turning. CPES is a two part product. Mixes 50:50. More information...

CPES Warm Weather Formula (down to 50° F / 10° C.)*
101 2 pint unit (946 ML) $   38.95
102 2 quart unit (1.9 L) $   66.77
103** 2 gallon unit (7.6 L) $ 215.00

CPES Cold Weather Formula (68° to 32° F / 20° to 0° C.)*
104 2 pint unit (946 ML) $   38.95
105 2 quart unit (1.9 L) $   66.77
106** 2 gallon unit (7.6 L) $ 215.00

*  The different temperature formulations are only applicable during application and for a few days while it's curing.

** Gallon units come with free pour spouts.
Alternative Sealer For Concrete and Asphalt


UNISEAL Water-Based Penetrating Epoxy Sealer
UNISEAL is a clear, single-component epoxy primer/sealer incorporating state of the art water based technology to penetrate and seal porous substrates. It is effective at increasing the bond of acrylic, polyurethane, butyl and epoxy topcoats to a variety of surfaces. It will also help to "solidify" punky or chalky surfaces. Not recommended for use on wood. More information...

129 1 gallon can/jug (3.78 L) $   44.70

Also available in a 5 Gallon pail or 55 gallon drum as a special order.
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CPES Accessories

Chip Brushes

Disposable "Chip" Brushes
100% white China bristle brushes with wood handles and drilled hanging holes. Perfect for the application of CPES, as well as our other resins. Can be cleaned for re-use with our Epoxy Cleanup Solvent or lacquer thinner.
Sold individually or in a set of three: 1", 2.5", and 4".

   Disposable "Chip" Brushes
651 1 inch Brush $   0.60
654 2.5 inch Brush $   0.90
657 4 inch Brush $   1.70
660 set of 3 (1 of each size) $   3.10

CPES Injection Kit

CPES™ Injection Kit
Syringe, needles, tubing, lubricant and spare gasket. Essential for the injection of CPES™ into small spaces. Replacement parts are available for kit. More information...

   CPES™ Injection Kit
107 9-piece kit $   22.61

Spray Bottle

1-Liter Spray Bottle with Funnel
The sprayer is an efficient way to apply CPES in overhead applications where brush or roller application is impractical. Double-action and chemically resistant. More information...

   Spray Bottle/Funnel
110 2 pieces $   15.98


Respirator & Cartridges by Moldex
Respirator and cartridges rated for organic vapors. NIOSH and MSHA approved. Must be used if applying CPES™ in enclosed, non-ventilated spaces. Optional retainer attachment with N95 prefilter for dust and particulates clamps over the base filter. More information...

   Respirator w/organic fumes filters.
111 small $   42.73
112 medium $   42.73
113 large $   42.73
114 organic fumes filters (pair) $   22.15
115 N95 prefilters with retainers (pair) $   14.57
116 N95 prefilters (pair) $    8.79

Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent

Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent™
For cleaning uncured epoxy from surfaces and tools after use. More Information...

   Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent
621 1 quart (946 ML) $   14.73
622 1 gallon (3.8 L) $   36.88
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More Epoxy Products

Fill-It Epoxy Filler

FILL-IT™ Epoxy Filler
A high strength, light weight, easily sanded epoxy filler. Chemically bonds with wood that has been treated with CPES™. FILL-IT™ is a two part product. Mixes 1:1. More information...

207 12 ounce unit (355 ML) $   23.00
208 2 pint unit (946 ML) $   54.82
209 1 gallon unit (3.78 L) $ 185.00

Layup and Laminating Resin

Free Pour Spouts

Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin
A very strong, non-shattering epoxy resin for the restoration of severely rotted wood. Can be mixed with sawdust to make a wood-toned epoxy filler. It can also be used for gluing/laminating softwoods, such as pine, fir, or cedar, and for the general laminating of fiberglass cloth. Does not "blush". Will cure down to 28°F (-2°C). L & L™ Epoxy Resin is a two part product. Mixes 1:1. More information...

L & L Epoxy Resin™
310 12 ounce unit (355 ML) $   23.00
311 2 pint unit (946 ML) $   51.35
312 2 quart unit (1.9 L) $   95.32
313** 2 gallon unit (7.6 L) $ 292.25
** Gallon units come with free pour spouts.

Fine Sawdust

Fine Sawdust
This is very fine, really almost wood flour. Can be mixed with the Layup & Laminating Epoxy Resin to make putty. More Information...

   Fine Sawdust
723 1 pound bag (454 G) $     7.50
724 5 pound bag (2.2 KG) $   14.00

Epoxy Coloring Agent

Epoxy Coloring Agent
A soft coloring paste specifically formulated for epoxy resins. This will tone the epoxy various tones of brown, depending on the amount of coloring agent used. For use with our Fill-It Epoxy Filler, our Layup and Laminating Resin, and fill-mixtures of our L&L Resin and sawdust. Very little is needed! One tube goes a long way. More Information...

   Epoxy Coloring Agent
108 1 ounce tube (28 G) $   17.91

Empty Caulking Tubes

Re-usable Poly Caulking Tubes (10 oz size)
For the application of Layup & Laminating Resin with or without thickeners (e.g., sawdust, talc, or silica) into tight locations. Can also be used for a pumped-in application of our Fill-It Epoxy Filler. If cleaned immediately after use with Epoxy Cleanup Solvent or lacquer thinner, these tubes are reusable. Package includes 3 10 oz tubes, 5 bases, 3 tongue depressors and 1 plunger removal rod. More Information...

   Re-usable Poly Caulking Tubes (10 oz size)
117 10 pieces $   11.74

All Wood Epoxy Glue

All Wood Epoxy Glue
Epoxy for gluing all woods, especially oak and oily hardwoods. Cures down to 32°F (0°C) (temperature for application and cure time only). All Wood Epoxy Glue is a two part product. Mixes 1:1. More information...

   All Wood Epoxy Glue
518 12 ounce unit (355 ML) $   23.00
519 2 pint unit (946 ML) $   51.35
520 2 quart unit (1.9 L) $   95.32
521 2 gallon unit (7.6 L) $ 292.25
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www.rotdoctor.comWood Treatment & Preservation Products
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Sealing and Protection

Polyurethanes are new products to our line. They are sealants and surface coating products that are completely compatible with the wood restoration products we now sell. We have tested these in the kinds of applications the average boat and home owner will be making, and found that they live up to the manufacturer's claims and specifications. As we gather more detailed data on their specific uses, we will be adding that to the website. In the meantime, if you have questions e-mail us at drrot@rotdoctor.com or phone us anytime between 6:30 am and 5:30 pm Pacific time at 206.364.2155.


3M 4200

3M™ 4200
A fast skinning, low modulus, general purpose, 100% polyurethane sealant with good adhesive characteristics for bonding, bedding and sealing under normal conditions. More information...

3M™ 4200 is available in white and black.

   3M™ 4200
825 10.1 ounce tube (300 ML) $   18.78

3M 5200

3M™ 5200
A high strength polyurethane bonding sealant for joints, seams and junctions where adhesive strength is of primary importance. More information...

3M™ 5200 is available in white, black and tan.
Mahogany is available by special order in case lots of 12.

   3M™ 5200
827 10.1 ounce tube (300 ML) $   19.28
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Rhino Top

Rhino Top
Water-based acrylic/epoxy exterior coating emulsion. For application to primed wood, concrete, asphalt. Coverage is 200-250 sq. ft. per gallon (5-6 sq. meters/liter) and at least two (2) coats are required for adequate thickness. Upon request, we supply silica sand for a non-skid surface. More information...

Rhino Top is available in White, Flint Gray, Burlap, Sandstone, Brownstone, Turf Green***, and Tile Red***.

   Rhino Top
910 1 gallon can (3.8 L) $   52.21
911 5 gallon pail*** (18.9 L) $ 221.73
*** One gallon units of Turf Green or Tile Red and all colors in 5 gallon pails are available by special order only.

Elasta-Tuff with Accelerator

Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS and Accelerator
Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS is a single-component, liquid-applied, moisture cured, elastomeric, abrasion resistant, aliphatic polyester-polyurethane finish/final coating. It is a flexible, UV stable top coating suitable for any surface that will accept paints and coatings. Its durability makes it useful for harsh environments such as high traffic areas, or boat decks and hulls that have to survive in a harsh marine environment. Elasta-Tuff™ Accelerator is recommended as an additive to Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS when applying at lower temperatures. More information...

Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS is available in Pacific Gray, Monterey Sand, Ash Brown, and White.

   Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS
925 1 gallon unit (3.8 L) $   128.81
   Elasta-Tuff™ Accelerator
927 3 Ounce unit (89 ML) $   8.25

Elastuff 120

Two component, 100% solids polyurethane base coating for wood, fiberglass, concrete or asphalt. Coverage is approximately 100 sq. ft. per gallon (2.5 sq. meters/liter) and at least two coats are required to get adequate thickness. One unit consists of parts A & B (mix 1:1) More information...

ELASTUFF 120 is available in charcoal gray only.

   Elastuff 120
930 2 gallon unit (7.6 L) $ 179.73

Polyester Seam Tape
For Decking applications where extra strength is required for seams. NOT for use with Epoxy Resins. Heavy weight for large seams and lightweight for smaller seams. The tape should be bedded in the Elastuff 120 and allowed to cure prior to overcoating the entire surface. More information...

   Polyester Seam Tape
940   Lightweight 4" x 50' (10 CM x 15 M) $    14.63
941   Heavy 4" x 50' (10 CM x 15 M) $    19.29
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