Beam Renovation
1850 Beam Renovation
Deck Joists
Deck Joist Repair
Crank-out Window
Crank-out Window
A Pair of Doors
A Pair of Doors
Half Round Deck
Half Round Deck
Totem Pole
Totem Pole
Mailbox Sign
Mailbox Sign
Wagemaker Wolverine
Wagemaker Wolverine Restoration
Log Repair
Corner Rot Repair on Log Home
Sailboat Transom
Sailboat Transom Repair
RV Floor
RV Floor Repair after Toilet Water Supply Leak
Dory repair
Catalina Deck
Catalina Deck Repair
Window Restoration
Window Restoration Project in TX
Creative Column Reconstruction
Dan's Transom
Stacked Plywood Strips Transom Repair
Gunwale Repair
Gunwale Repair
RV Roof
RV Roof and Inside Wall Repair
Window Sill Repair
Window Sill Repair
Boat Deck Repair
Boat Deck Repair Updated
Porch Post
Porch Pole Repair
Wall Repair
Wall Repair in 1822 Home
Cypress Dugout
Cypress Dugout Repair
Stringer Repair
Stringer Repair: Polyurethane Foam Used to Block Holes
Floor Beam
Rebuilding a Floor Beam/Wooden House Foundation
Removing Fiberglass
A Better Way to Remove Fiberglass from a Plywood Hull
Boat Repair
Transom, Stringer, Floor Repair
Window Repair
Using CPES™ in Hawaii/Window Repair
Sun Deck
Sun Deck Construction
Dan’s 1970 Cobra Transom Rebuild
Leprechaun’s Horn Timber and Stern Plank Repair
Dud's Plug
Dud’s Plug Restoration
Arthroscopic Transomectomy: Transom Repair on a 1972 Sea Sprite
Drying a Deck
Drying Out Deck Core with a Clever Shop Vac Attachment

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