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Subject: Bear Carving on Rotted Stump

Date: Friday, June 3, 2022

Can you tell me if this bear would be worth repairing? We bought the property recently and this is how we found the bear. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Linda S.

Bear carving on rotted stump


The stump has pretty severe brown rot. It would take a fair amount of our products to stabilize and repair the stump base. And I am not sure it would be worth the trouble. The main issue is that it is an in ground stump. So, even if you repaired what is above ground, what is below ground would be difficult to repair.

We faced the same issue with the bear we repaired. Our solution was to cut it off the base, and once the bear was repaired, put it on a concrete foundation/base. This was a fair amount of work and expense. More than the cost of a new bear. Of course, a new bear doesn’t have the same sentimental attachment.

In your case, whether your bear is worth repairing depends on how damaged the bear itself is, and how much work and expense you are willing to go to, to save that bear. Since it seems likely that you would have to cut it off the stump, and make a new pedestal, you have to decide if you are willing to do that.

It is difficult for us to see what damage there might be to the bear itself. But assuming that there isn’t too much, you might spend $150-$250 in our products to treat the damage. This doesn’t include the time and expense to get it off the stump, and make a new stable base. We would be happy to give our thoughts on the base, if you like.


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