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UNISEAL Concrete Asphalt

Penetrating Water-Based Epoxy Primer for Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

UNISEAL is a clear, single-component epoxy primer/sealer. It incorporates state of the art water based technology to produce an extremely versatile product which penetrates and seals porous substrates. It is effective at increasing the bond of acrylic, polyurethane, butyl and epoxy topcoats to a variety of surfaces. It will also help to "solidify" punky or chalky surfaces. UNISEAL is safe to use, has very little odor, and is easy to clean up.

UNISEAL is designed to penetrate and seal porous substrates and to improve the adhesion of high performance topcoats. It develops a tenacious bond to concrete and asphalt surfaces. We do not recommend that UNISEAL be used on wood. It will do very little to protect the wood from rot and deterioration.

UNISEAL will effectively solidify punky or chalky concrete or masonry surfaces when used as a primer prior to topcoating. It is also designed to be used on its own as a transparent sealer over interior concrete floors to provide dustproofing and enhanced cleanability characteristics. UNISEAL will amber slightly when used on exterior surfaces without a topcoat.

UNISEAL is manufactured in standard Clear.

UNISEAL Typical Properties

• Solids By Weight: 10.6% (±1) [ASTM D2369]

• Solids By Volume: 10.4% (±1) [ASTM D2697]

• Weight Per Gallon: 8.4 lbs. (3.8kg) (±0.2) [ASTM D1475]

• Flash Point: >200°F (93° C)

• Dry Time: To Touch: 30 minutes @ 75°F (24°C) [ASTM D1640]

• Cure Time:
High humidity and/or low temperature will retard cure and recoat times
8+ hours @ 75°F (24°C). Cure and recoating time will vary from 2 to 48 hours depending upon ambient conditions and the type of topcoat being applied.

• Volatile Organic Content (VOC): 12 oz/gallon (90 grams/liter)

• Low & High Temperature Limits: -30°F to 150°F (-34°C to 66 °C)

1. ADHESION: UNISEAL penetrates and "wets" into porous surfaces, imparting a tenacious chemical and physical bond between the substrate and subsequent topcoat. It can be used on damp concrete, and as a primer on asphalt.

2. NON DUSTING: UNISEAL penetrates deeply to eliminate concrete dusting, providing for easy cleanup and minimum maintenance.

3. DEEP PENETRATION: Its low viscosity allows UNISEAL to penetrate into and preserve dense surfaces such as smooth-troweled concrete floors and asphalt surfaces.

4. ANTI-SPALLING: Applied to concrete decks, walkways, industrial areas, etc., UNISEAL will effectively protect against the intrusion of destructive salts, oils, solvents and gasoline. It also prevents spalling and pitting caused by freeze/thaw cycling.

UNISEAL is a single-component material available in a 1 gallon can/jug (3.8 liters) and, as a special order in a 5 gallon pail (19 liters) or 55 gallon drum (208 liters). To mix gallon cans, stir to a uniform consistency. To mix gallon jug containers, pour off about one-half of the contents of the jug into a separate container. Shake or agitate the remainder in the jug to mix bottom residue into the solution. Combine thoroughly with rest of solution.

UNISEAL may be reduced with water for increased penetration over dense substrates. Shelf life in unopened containers is one year. Store at temperatures between 50°F and 100°F (10°C to 38°C). Do not open containers until ready to use the material.

All surfaces must be clean and free of any dirt, oil, grease, soapy films, surface chemicals or other foreign contaminants. Slightly damp surfaces will not affect the performance of UNISEAL, provided there is no standing water or frost. New concrete should be water-cured in lieu of using a curing compound. Any form of curing compound or release agent on any surface to be sealed with UNISEAL must be completely removed, along with any laitance.

Prior to applying UNISEAL, all loose material, dirt and dust shall be removed by use of a power vacuum, stiff bristled broom or compressed air. If concrete is badly spalled, restore aggregate to a reasonable condition using a cementitious patching or resurfacing compound. Previously painted surfaces should be brush blasted or mechanically abraded to remove the existing finish.

New concrete which has been previously cured with a curing compound or new concrete that has been smooth troweled, shall be cleaned and etched with 10% Muriatic Acid solution. Wash with TSP and follow with a rinse of clean water.

Existing concrete shall be cleaned using TSP and water. Cleaning shall be accomplished using mechanical scrubbers. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove all traces of the chemical cleaner. If general cleaning is not adequate, then surfaces should be cleaned and etched as recommended for new concrete.

Allow new asphalt surfaces to cure for a minimum of 60 days prior to application. Clean the surface completely with a commercial grade detergent and rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

If surfaces are highly contaminated, or if surfaces are to be subjected to unusual service conditions, consult our Technical Service Department for recommendations.

UNISEAL may be applied by brush, roller or spray. Airless spray IS the preferred method. Any airless spray equipment capable of 1,000 psi (6,980 kpa) and 1/2 gallon per minute (1.9 liters/minute) delivery can be used. A reversible, self-cleaning spray tip with an orifice size of .015" to .027" (.4mm to .7mm) and minimum 40 degree fan angle is recommended. Before spraying, flush equipment with clean water to prevent contamination.

Coverage rate will vary depending upon surface porosity. One coat is usually sufficient for sealing substrates when UNISEAL is used as a primer. When used as a sealer/finish, two coats are required to achieve a uniform sheen. Two coats will also be required when sealing lightweight concrete or other highly porous surfaces. The following are approximate application rates:

Concrete: 250-300 sq. ft./gallon (6 to 7 sq. meters/liter)

Lightweight Concrete: 100-150 sq. ft./gallon (2.5 to 3.7 sq. meters/liter)

Asphalt: 200-250 sq. ft./gallon (5 to 6 sq. meters/liter)

Thin as necessary with water to achieve adequate penetration of the surface being sealed. When used as a sealer/finish apply a second coat of UNISEAL at approximately 50% greater coverage rate than those listed above. When used as a primer on exterior applications, UNISEAL should be topcoated within 48 hours to ensure optimum bonding characteristics. On interior applications, the dry time is dependant on the ability of the water to evaporate from the film. Use fans to generate maximum air movement.

Use TSP and water to thoroughly flush equipment. Purge the water from the system using mineral spirits. Leave the solvent in the lines and equipment until next use.

UNISEAL is a thin penetrating sealer. It is not designed for use as a high-build surface coating.

UNISEAL will freeze and become unusable below 32°F (0°C). Do not ship or store unless protection from freezing is available. Do not apply if conditions will not permit complete cure before rain, dew or freezing temperatures occur. Do not apply in the late afternoon if moisture condensation can appear during the night. Do not apply UNISEAL at temperatures below 50°F (10°C), or when there is a possibility of temperatures falling below 32°F (0°C) within a 2 hour period after application.

UNISEAL may be an irritant to skin. Avoid breathing of vapor or spray mist. Approved MSHA/NIOSH chemical cartridge respirator must be worn by applicator. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

For additional information, refer to OSHA guidelines and UNISEAL Safety Data Sheet.

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